Run your hotel from your desk, phone or tablet

HotDash makes it easy to manage all your in-room services and technology from a powerful cloud-based platform.

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Putting "Control" back into Climate Control

Room-by-room climate control from anywhere.

HotDash makes it easy to drill down into your hotel's climate control system on a room-to-room basis. See at a glance what rooms are outside of the normal temperature range, view the fluctuations in temperature over time, and adjust the heat/cool points remotely.

Control thermostats remotely

Easily set the cool and heat points with our clean slider-based user interface.

Identify Unresponsive Devices

As a ZigBee networked-system, HotDash allows you to identify exactly which devices are unresponsive and in need of maintenance.

View Device History

HotDash tracks every change a device makes, and presents this history in easy-to-read graphs and lists. See when and where changes were made for each device.

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Untether your staff

HotDash is accessible from everywhere. Management and staff can access the cloud-based system from both desktop and mobile, and it is fully compatible with all major browsers for Mac, PC, Android and iOS.

By compiling all the essential information from your hotel into a well-designed cloud based system, hoteliers can provide their staff with better insight, greatly reducing guest disturbances and increasing and measuring efficiency.

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Integrates with all Axxess Systems

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Electronic Do-Not-Disturb

See at a glance if your guest has set the room “Privacy” when they do not want to be disturbed, or “Housekeeping” when they want the room made up. Additionally, your staff can set the room status to “Housekeeping” from reception upon guest check-out.

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Serve your guests without them even knowing it

See at a glance if the room is occupied or empty. Addinionally, you can view temperature and humidity information in the room, as well as see any devices with low battery or no response.

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No more dirty trays in the halls

When a tray or service cart is put out into the hall, a notification appears in HotDash with the location of the tray and the elapsed time since the tray was ready to be picked up.

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75% of hotel minibars aren't even opened.

Save your staff from uneccessary work. When the guestroom minibar is opened, a notification appears to let your hospitality staff know which selected rooms need to be serviced.

Robust Analytics

The success of your hotel is found in the details. All the details.

HotDash captures data from all of your ZigBee-networked devices and presents the information in bright, simple, easy-to-read graphs and charts. Track and analyze everything from average temperature fluctuations to energy savings, and use this information to make changes on the fly.

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